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In a more and more chaotic world with higher and higher expectations,

it is fundamental to provide one’s clients with fast and precise answers and to manage criticalities in a simple and efficient way.

What does Helpdesk mean?

The Helpdesk allows a constant support for enquiries and to collect feedbacks on products and services, and thus nowadays becomes a must, an essential service for every company which wishes to provide its clients with a suitable support to build customer loyalty. For this reason, Basecom offers companies a wide range of outsourcing Helpdesk service, and guarantees  maximum reliability and professionalism thanks to the employment of qualified operators.

Our goal is to be for the company not only a supplier, but a real partner in providing Helpdesk support before and after sales.  Our Helpdesk  serviceare developed according to the specific needs of each customer.Thanks to our operators’ continuous training, we guarantee a fast, efficient and expert service.

We offer our customers a 1st and 2nd level assistance .

With the 1st level solutionthe customer can explain the issue they are encountering to an operator: if the operator has sufficient information, they can answer, send e-mails and information material and close the report, or, if they do not, the report will be directly transferred to the office in charge.

With the 2nd level solution,the operators will examine in depth the issue and, if possible, they will solve it on line.


What are the advantages of an outsourced Helpdesk?

The Helpdesk allows to gain important competitive advantages for each type of company. The outsourcing of the service allows to reinvest resources in other areas of the company, lighten the workload and allocate the staff to useful or more productive activities for the company itself. In addition to that, it increases significantly the clients’ loyalty. Through theHelpdesk with competent and specialized staff, the user can build a bond of deep trust with the companies  which increases the loyalty thanks to all the solutions provided in relation to issues arising from a product or services. Of course, theHelpdesk operator receives training from our company company in all 1st and 2nd level problems.

  • Training for specific software solutions.
  • Support for multi-location companies.
  • Application configuration according to agreed business policies.
  • Support management at each level, from taking charge of the case to the remote decisive intervention.
  • We directly take care of the contact with the users by solving the issues and by keeping it functional.

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