Customer Care


The Customer Care (BPO)

is a term that defines the control processes of a company which, for such functions, relies on a highly qualified partner with the aim of unburdening internal resources and direct them towards activities which are more oriented to the company’s core business. We offer companies the possibility to decrease the costs, increase the productivity and have access to a specialized work force. It is a strategic business approach intended to improve a society’s business model.

BPO Service

  • Back office
  • Credit recovery
  • Expense account management
  • Order management
  • Designated customer care
  • Inbound services


Outsourcing models

  • Staff increase: we provide you with experts which you manage directly. You may get as many experts as you need.
  • Designated team: we offer a designated team to work on an outsourcing project or on a part of the project.
  • Complete outsourcing of the project: we can take on the entire development process, with the full responsibility for the team organization and management, quality of the development results and its related risks.


The Customer Care (BPO) allows to choose which activities are to be kept within the company and which are to be outsourced. The main advantages of BPO are money savings and optimized time, which will be necessary to focus on the core business. Other advantages include:

  • Precise and fast report.
  • Resource savings related to staff and training.
  • The speed and the efficiency of outsourced business processes will improve.
  • Organizations employing BPO will have access to the newest technology.
  • Free and flexible choices with respect to the most relevant services for the company’s activities.


BPO is one of those tools conceived to ensure that any organization looking to improve some of its main missions and functions can optimize its resources but, above all, we offer our customers exactly what they expect, leaving certain parts of the company to be taken care of and improved by specialists in the field.

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